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NOVEMBER 15, 2023

I’ve had the honor of directly coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of aspiring investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and seasoned professionals. I’ve shared my most effective strategies and approaches on how to secure quality clients and acquire highly profitable businesses without taking on major liability, without using personal credit, and with zero money out of pocket using the E.P.I.C Investing and Consulting For Equity Strategies.

We’ve helped individuals go from financial struggle to financial freedom…

We’ve helped entrepreneurs go from being overwhelmed with limited options to quitting their corporate day jobs to pursue business ownership on their terms…

And consultants to go from being underpaid and undervalued to working with dream clients and securing deals to create true wealth.

In addition to helping countless individuals who already owned thriving businesses to quickly add on multiple income streams, staff, resources, and traffic channels to rapidly expand and increase their bottom lines.

And after seeing so many success stories, here’s what I’ve realized…

While knowing exactly how to secure clients, find deals, and avoid major mistakes is extremely valuable…putting this knowledge into action can be a completely different story.

If want to be able to take action faster with more confidence and less confusion, I want to give you complete access to 6 of our most powerful results-focused Sprints that can completely change your business in 2024, starting NOW…


So, what’s a Sprint?

A Sprint is an intensive, goal-focused race to get results as quickly as possible (typically within 30 days) by following our step-by-step roadmap. EPIC Sprints are action-based coaching series designed to accelerate your learning and provide you with a clear path to success with a singular focus. 

This isn’t just training, this IS DOING.

Each Sprint is unique in it’s goal, focus, and content but they are all designed to allow you to take action week over week with the target of achieving your goal within 30 days or less. 

This powerful series of 6 EPIC Deal Sprints is for you, if:

Here's what you'll get with this ONe-Time Black friday special offer:

Whether you’re looking to acquire your first profitable business or you just need to dramatically speed up the time it takes for you to close your 10th deal, or how to increase your consulting fees without dealing with pricing objections, we want to give you the biggest step-by-step advantage we possibly could so we’ve included 6 of our most powerful results-oriented Sprints in this special offer.

#1. Get Your First Consulting Client Sprint (VALUE $4,997)

This isn’t just theory, it’s a hands-on, actionable roadmap to secure your first coaching client in 30 days or less. This 4-week sprint will guide you through identifying potential clients, perfecting your pitch, and securing your first consulting client in 30 days or less.

  • Set yourself up for success before you ever make your first contact by creating a clear path to your real goal — 90% of people don’t even know what the real goal is…
  • 33 ways to get clients, referrals, and ideal contacts, even if you’re just getting started with zero social presence or existing network.
  • The exact word-for-word scripts used for the most effective client acquisition (and we’ve tested a TON of approaches!).
  • The key positioning that allows you to charge high upfront fees with zero resistance and how to handle price objections before they even come up.
  • Real conversation scripts and screenshots so can see and model the exact word-for-word conversations that lead to client acquisition.
  • Bonus Q&A session, downloads, resources, insider tips, and MUCH more…

#2. Business Broker Deal Sprint (VALUE $4,997)

In this 30-day Sprint, you walk through the most important factors to closing deals that involve brokers. There are many additional factors to consider when a broker is involved in a deal, and you’ll get a comprehensive deep-dive into the pro’s, con’s, and considerations to take if you choose to do a deal involving a broker, such as:

  • How to deal with broker commissions, how they impact your deal, and potential negotiation…
  • How to deal with creative structuring in a broker deal and some of the limitations or changes you may need to make…
  • How to overcome some of the most common questions or objections that you’ll encounter in a broker-involved deal…
  • The 4 must-have factors you need to have in place before you negotiate with a broker (these 4 factors will make all the difference in your deal!)
  • The proven 6-step negotiation framework that gives you a clear roadmap for any conversation and boosts your chances of a successful outcome.
  • The best word-for-word negotiation scripts and responses that allow you to keep the upper hand, avoid uncomfortable situations, and keep your deals moving toward a close…
  • And MUCH more…

#3. EPIC Mastermind Sprint (VALUE $4,997)

The EPIC Mastermind Sprint is a 5-week series handing you my exact step-by-step blueprint as I walk you through the entire process of creating your own high-value mastermind in as little as 14 days! In this Sprint you’ll learn:

  • Why you should always start with the 5W approach as the starting point for any mastermind (do this one step right, and your chances of success immediately skyrocket)
  • My rock-solid method for finding high-quality paying members even if you have zero network, no influence or online presence.
  • How to GUARANTEE every member is engaged and has a positive experience even if they are introverted and avoid social interaction…
  • My bulletproof content strategy that removes the guesswork of what to post, type, create and share with you members…
  • Case Study: How 2 social media posts generated over 136 comments and over $70,000 in income! You get to see my exact posts, strategy, and marketing sequence to model for yourself…
  • Case Study: How I generated an additional $200,000 in 12 months as a complete side benefit of having a mastermind (and how you can copy this for yourself)…
  • Plus every script, resource, template you’ll need to launch your own high-value mastermind and more

#4. The Flippa Deal Sprint (VALUE $4,997)

Flippa is one of the largest online marketing places to buy and sell businesses. During this 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint, you get to be a fly on the wall as we go from research to acquisition of a new business while you take the same exact steps alongside us. In this 30-Day Sprint you’ll discover:

  • How Flippa can deviate from the traditional EPIC Strategy but still leverage a $0 Out Of Pocket funding.
  • The quickest way to gain confidence and build your resume before you make an offer on Flippa, if you’re new or worried about your experience being a factor.
  • How to give yourself major strategic negotiation advantages before you ever start your outreach or have a conversation with a seller…
  • The BIG red flags you want to avoid when finding your acquisition target that most people overlook that can lead to bigger problems after the acquisition…
  • The “6 Factors” that allow you to find deals with heavy upsides – if you’re worried about the quality or potential of your deal, this is what you’ll want to use…
  • The 70/30 strategy that you can use to fund any business with zero out of pocket and how we applied this strategy to a real acquisition…
  • How we generated an additional $10K in upfront revenue from our Flippa acquisition from an unexpected source and much more…

#5. The Facebook Group Leads Deal Sprint (VALUE $4,997)

In this 3-part workshop, you’ll take action alongside us as we dive into the trenches using Facebook groups to effectively source highly qualified leads to boost our deal flow.

  • Where to target the highest quality leads and how to start productive and engaging conversations.
  • The quickest ways to find the Facebook groups that you want to engage with and how to identify the locations you want to avoid. 
  • Access to word-for-word scripting to use for your own communications, plus downloads, resources, transcripts, and much more…

#6. Decoding the Deal Sprint (VALUE $4,997)

Most people don’t even know they’re in a bad deal until it’s too late! The “Decoding The Deal” Sprint is a series of 4 LIVE workshops specifically designed to help you quickly identify profitable acquisition opportunities and avoid the bad ones. Each week, you’ll discover proven strategies, learn essential skills, and acquire actionable insights to help you take that next big step forward with confidence. This is an action-driven Sprint.

  • Week 1: You’ll learn how to present yourself for the highest chances for maximum deal flow and how to position yourself to best avoid unproductive requests like “proof of funds”
  • Week 2: We jump into the crucial topic of financial evaluations. We’ll equip you with the ability to read, understand, and utilize financial information so you can use data to identify solid deals vs. a fluffed-up house of cards.
  • Week 3: We’ll take everything you’ve learned and put it all together. This week is about refining your positioning, presentation, enhancing your lead generation efforts, and mastering the quick company screening process.
  • Week 4: Amplify efficiency and outsource your deal flow with time-saving strategies focusing on “quality”.
  • Bonus: Downloads, resources, guides, cheat sheets and more…

So What’s The Investment?

Many of the insider strategies that you’ll have exclusive access to are only shared with our highest-level mastermind members, which is a minimum of $30,000…

When we sold these Sprints individually, participants paid up to $2,997 to attend. That’s the real sales price, but the value is far greater… 

Additionally, the typical cost for a half-day consult (4-hour) session with an M&A Expert, such as myself or some of the coaches who facilitated these Sprints, is $25,000 and doesn’t include half of the resources you’ll have to!

However, you’ll be securing complete INSTANT ACCESS to 6 of our best 30-day Sprints with all the resources, downloads, and bonus content for a fraction of the price…

Just the upfront value alone is over $25,000.

And in all fairness, the profit potential on closing a single deal could easily pay for this investment multiple times over (not to mention the skill set and experience of knowing exactly how sprint your way to success every 30 days!)

However, My Goal Is Not To Just Give You An Incredible Black Friday Discount...

What We Really Want Is Your Success Story!

My team and I are putting together a collection of our most successful student success stories, acquisitions, and wins… but I know there are dozens of entrepreneurs, just like you, who are motivated to get started but need help with implementation…

And sometimes, just teaching you what to do isn’t enough.

That’s why these Sprints are designed to help you take action! 

That is our motivation…but once this special offer is gone, it’s gone…

Claim Your INSTANT ACCESS Right Now and get: 

The Get Your First Consulting Client Sprint (Value: $4,997)
The Complete Business Broker Deal Sprint (Value: $4,997)
The Complete EPIC Mastermind Sprint (Value: $4,997)
The Complete Flippa Deal Sprint (Value: $4,997)
The Complete Facebook Group Leads Deal Sprint (Value: $4,997)
The Complete Decoding The Deal Sprint (Value: $4,997)

TOTAL VALUE: $29,982

Yours Today For Only $1,795

So claim access to the EPIC Deal Sprint Vault and Make 2024 Your Breakthrough Year!