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Here's What's Included:

Join us in our 12-Month Master M&A Coaching Program (also called “EPIC Board”), you’ll get access to everything we promised during the EPIC Challenge, including:

  • Personalized Coaching – We work side by side with you to help you get results based on your needs and where you are in your journey. 
  • Daily Group Coaching – We’re here for you daily. This ensures you never go with unanswered questions or get lost in the process. You can attend every session we offer or join when your schedule allows or when you need support as you make progress.  
  • 8-Week Quick Start Intensive Program – Getting started is always the hardest part, so we’ve put together an 8-week quick start system to help you avoid being overwhelmed and move you toward your goals fast. 
  • Personal Accountability Support – you’ll have a dedicated accountability coach to ensure you are continuously making progress, answering all your questions, and eliminating procrastination. 
  •  Flexibility Speed of Program – You can go through the entire program and process at your speed based on your comfort level and availability.
  • JV with Roland or Your Coach – You’ll never be forced to do this alone. We have a community of over 2,000 active members who you can partner with to do deals, including Roland and your coach. 
  • Advanced Documents + Scaling Process – You get access to every document, resource, template, and guide we have available within our coaching program for your personal use. 
  • Deal Done Software (Free for 12 months) – You’ll get access to our Deal Done software that will help you identify winning deals, avoid potential oversights, and crunch all the numbers in a fraction of the time. 
  • 2-Day CFE + Maximizer Workshop – Connect with us in person during our content-packed high-value 2-day workshops, where you’ll walk away with new insights and cutting-edge strategies and get to connect and network with other members.
  • PLUS all the EPIC Challenge MEGA Bonuses and a chance to win a seat for an In-Air Mastermind with Roland. 

If you need to watch the full offer details and session replays, click here to watch the replay sessions


Strategic Advantages

We Sit On Your Advisory Board

Have Roland Frasier, DeAnna Rogers, Ryan Diess, and other successful partners from Roland’s extensive network sit on your advisory board, providing personalized mentorship and support when you need us.

Unrestricted Resource Access

As an EPIC Board member, nothing is held back. You get access to every training series, workshop, intensive, tool, resource, and connection we have to offer at your disposal.

Credibility And Support

EPIC Board gives you the unique ability to leverage the credibility, expertise, and brand recognition of being in partnership with recognized entrepreneurs. In addition to strategic advice, high-level mentorship, and guidance.


More Than A Mastermind, It’s A Partnership

EPIC Board goes beyond your typical high-value mastermind or mentorship program. Instead, it’s an elite partnership between all members. You’ll experience unprecedented support as your expert advisory board and a room full of successful entrepreneurs focus on YOUR business and needs during our LIVE events. You’ll enjoy being part of a high-value community, establish invaluable relationships, participate in resort destination events, and have access to expert mentorship, member-only content, business resources, templates, and support you need.

Three 2-Day In-Person Events

We’ll get together 3 times per year for our legendary EPIC Board LIVE in-person events at exclusive locations. As an EPIC Board member, you’ll be surrounded by a positive and productive community of like-minded peers who you can connect with, relate to, support, and be supported in a meaningful way. At our private events, you’ll also experience dedicated time and personalized mentorship from leadership and members alike to focus on your business, your needs, and your goals for clear results.

**NOTE: EPIC Board Meetings are also live-streamed in a hybrid-meeting format and recorded, so you and your team can attend virtually if you’re unable to make it in person.*

Access To EPIC Investor Advisory Groups

Private access is available for deal-specific questions, strategic advisory, and immediate support needs.

Unlimited Access To Quarterly EPIC Deal Team Sprints

You get unrestricted access to our exclusive 30-day “over-the-shoulder” training series where we walk through the entire process of acquiring businesses, traffic channels, and high-value business assets with no money out of pocket using EPIC Investing Strategies.

Every session is facilitated by our expert M&A leadership who are actively engaged in regular acquisitions.

Additionally, every session is recorded and available for your review on-demand through our member-only membership portal.

Weekly LIVE Mentorship Calls

Weekly group mentorship sessions where you can get your questions answered and support other members of our community.

Rare Interaction With Industry Experts From Roland's Network

Connect with other high-level players from Roland’s network that would not otherwise be accessible.

Exclusive Group AMA’s with Roland Frasier

No question is off limits during our private quarterly “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Roland Frasier. Whether you need guidance with a deal, strategic direction, or just have some important questions that need answered, this session is for you.

Access To Our Private EPIC Board Community and WhatsApp Group

Private member-only access to network, find support, partnerships, and stay connected with others.

Member-Only Access To Roland’s Exclusive Content Vault

Get access to select programs, workshops, intensives, and training courses, some of which Roland has never released to the public. As an EPIC Board member, you get exclusive access.

Plus, when you become an EPIC Board Member, you’ll gain access to Roland’s documents and processes that have been litigation tested, deal tested and have been refined over decades of actual use.

You’ll have access to everything you’ll need to be successful.

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Text Us at (833) 798-0254