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Roland Frasier
San Diego, CA
November 22nd, 2021

Fellow entrepreneur,

Over the last 18 months I’ve taught tens of thousands of aspiring investors, business owners, entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike how to acquire highly-profitable businesses with no personal risk, no personal credit and with no money out of pocket using the E.P.I.C Investing Strategy.

We’ve helped members who have gone from working at a corporate day job with zero business experience to becoming business owners (and even multi-business owners) by acquiring their first profitable businesses with no money down…

We’ve helped countless seasoned entrepreneurs who already owned thriving businesses quickly add on multiple income streams, staff, resources and traffic channels to skyrocket their bottom lines, almost overnight.

As great as this opportunity has been there’s something even bigger coming in 2022…

And if you also want to have the ability to acquire highly-profitable businesses, traffic channels or business assets from anyone in the world without spending a dime out of your own pocket to do so, then…

This May Be The Single Biggest Opportunity Of Your Lifetime…

Throughout my career as a “recovering attorney” and entrepreneur, I’ve bought and sold over 100 public and private companies ranging from a few million to over $100 million over the past 30 years.

I’ve focused my entire career on creative deal structuring and acquiring highly-profitable businesses with little to no money down where I can add value, grow, scale, and sell the businesses I acquire.

And over the past 30 years, I’ve developed step-by-step strategies and tactics on both finding businesses to acquire, how to approach the right people, and how to get the deals done!

But here’s what I’ve realized…

Knowing exactly how to find highly-profitable deals, identify red-flags to avoid major mistakes and knowing how to close these deals with little to no money out of pocket is extremely valuable…but putting this knowledge into action can be a completely different story.

So if you’re ready to take full control of your financial future and time freedom by acquiring highly-profitable businesses using the EPIC Investing Strategy BUT…

And you know you would have twice the confidence if you had someone doing deals alongside you, then

Your Window Of Opportunity Is Open RIGHT NOW!

Whether you’re looking to acquire your first profitable business or you just need to dramatically speed up the time it takes you to close your 10th deal, we’re doing something that we’ve never done before and will likely never do again

Introducing… The 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint

The EPIC Deal Sprint is the “Golden Ticket” to virtually guarantee you get pushed into action, eliminating any challenges you face along the way and having two of the top Merger & Acquisition experts in the world by your side every step of the way to help you close a deal within 30 days or less!

During the 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint you will:

And much, MUCH more…

Here’s How It Works…

When you join the 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint you’ll get to watch us do a deal live, step-by-step, while you follow along and take the same steps for yourself, each step of the way.

Our goal is for you to work towards acquiring your own deal by following our steps and have us with you along the way.

We’ll be right there virtually whispering in your ear all the best things to say, best ways to structure your deal for no money out of pocket, helping you overcome unexpected challenges, provide guidance for critical decisions, and handing you the best ways to get your deal closed…all in 30 days or less!

Join us during a 30-day “EPIC Deal Sprint” where we’ll meet weekly to prep you on what to do, what to say, share the tools and documents you need and show you step-by-step how to get a deal done fast!

You’ll know exactly how to buy a business using one of our top-secret deal sources that we have only shared once before in our EPIC Deals Done day for our most Elite acquisition specialists.

You get to be a “fly on the wall” for these closed door conversations and see exactly how to find and close deals.

However, it’s strongly recommended (if you really want to start the new year out right) that you follow along with us closely, and work alongside us getting your own deal done in the same 30-day sprint!

So What’s The Investment?

Many of the insider strategies that you’ll have exclusive access to are only shared with our highest level mastermind members, which is a minimum of $6,995…

The typical cost for a half day consult (4-hour) session with me is $25,000 (and that just for me, without Adam) and doesn’t include half of the resources you’ll have to!

However, you’ll be getting weekly group coaching sessions where we’ll be helping you close your own deals for a full 30-Days.

Just the upfront value is over $32,000.

And in all fairness, the profit potential on closing a single deal could easily pay for this investment multiple times over (not to mention the skill set and experience of knowing exactly how to close a deal in 30 days or less!)

But when you join the 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint You’ll Also Get:

EPIC "Deal Sprint" Bundle

The Complete 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint (Value: $12,000)

Our personalized step-by-step implementation program where you get a front row seat to watch myself (Roland Frasier) and Adam Lyons find, source and close a real-word deal in 30 days or less AND you get to follow alongside these exact steps with us helping you find, source and close your own deal!

Plus Two High Value Bonuses That Have Never Been Publicly Announced – For FREE!

BONUS 1: VIP attendance to 4 EPIC Workshops (Value: $8,000)

Join us (Roland Frasier & Adam Lyons) as we host 4, 2-hour virtual workshops where we’ll focus on 4 high-value sessions:

Workshop #1: How to increase your deal flow and get more deals with 7 key strategies used by my Epic Deal Team. 

Although there are many strategies you can use for deal flow, these 7 strategies are the fastest, quickest and easiest ways to increase your deal flow and quite literally leave us drowning in more deals than we have time for. We’re going to show you how to implement this for yourself so deal flow will never be a problem for you (and how to set up a “mass acquisition” strategy that we are using right now!)

Event date: January 28th, 2022

Workshop #2: The Cold Outreach method that actually gets business owners excited to sell you their company.

Even if you struggle with the idea of doing cold outreach for business you’ll gain valuable insights that you can easily apply to your warm market and existing deal flow strategies.

Event date: February 11th, 2022

Workshop #3: Get a closed door look at how the Epic Deal Team structures our own business acquisitions for $0 down.

There are dozens of ways you “could” structure a deal and it’s valuable to know them all…but the reality is that we consistently only use a select handful of structures for every deal we close. We’re going to share this exact structure with you so you can copy and use it with confidence for your own deals.

Event date: March 11th, 2022

Workshop #4: The fastest and most cost effective way to do due diligence so your deals don’t bite you in the butt.

Proper due diligence doesn’t have to be time-consuming and we’ll show you how we get it done for a fraction of the price others pay (up to 96% less than what we know others have been quoted!)

Event date: April 22nd, 2022

BONUS 2: Cutting Edge Outreach Scripts (Value: $1,000)

Throughout the first 4 months of this ground-breaking program, we’ll share the cutting edge scripts (we don’t share with anyone else) that have been used to actually close deals. If you’re unsure on what to say, these highly-effective scripts cut out the guesswork and give you a simple step by step process to follow for closing deals.


However, My Goal Is Not To Sell A Coaching Program...

The reason we are putting so much value and personal effort into this program is because we really want something else…

You see, we don’t just teach Mergers & Acquisitions, we actually do them… and the best way we can help ensure you take action and get you to close a deal is to do a deal alongside you!

Because What We Really Want Is Your Success Story!

My team and I have started putting together a collection of our most successful student’s success stories, acquisitions, and wins… but I know there are dozens of entrepreneurs, just like you, who are motivated to get started but need help with implementation…

And sometimes just teaching you what to do isn’t enough.

That’s why we put together the 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint, so we can SHOW you how to find, source and close a deal from start to finish with no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

That is our motivation…but this window of opportunity to be part of the 30-Day EPIC Sprint at a massive discount before it’s ever released to the public is very short…

So with that in mind, I’m not going to charge the very fair retail price of $21,000

In fact, I’m not even going to cut it in half… although $10,500 would be completely fair…

Right now, during today’s special offer you can join the 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint and get:

The Complete 30-Day EPIC Deal Sprint (Value: $12,000)
VIP attendance to 4 EPIC Workshops (Value: $8,000)
Our Cutting Edge Outreach Scripts (Value: $1,000)


Yours Today Just $3,997 (81% Savings!)

The price is never negotiable, but payment options are available.

But There Are Very Limited Spots…

In order for us to help you with your deal and answer any questions you have along the way, we have to limit the number of participants that we can accept…

And these spots will fill up fast!

And listen, I get it…

I know what it’s like to feel uncertain about a big investment in yourself.

That voice inside your head that says “But is this going to work for me?”

Well one thing you’re going to love about this, besides the incredible value and everything you’re going to learn, is my guarantee.

My 300% Success Guarantee

An economic opportunity like this doesn’t come very often (the last one was 12 years ago) and over a 30-day sprint we will arm and empower you to take action and make the most of these times.

But we also understand that for some people, investing during these uncertain times is scary, we get it! That is why we’ve put together our 300% success guarantee!

We are so certain that through the sprint and mentorship you will have everything you need to put together a deal that could get you at least a 300% return on your investment (frankly we’ve already had 3 people tell us they’ve done that and the course hasn’t even started!) that we GUARANTEE IT as follows…

Whether it’s busy life standing in the way, a slow deal pipeline (we know how to fix that), or just not having landed the right deal yet…it doesn’t matter. We will provide you 300% extended access to the program materials until you succeed!

That means, if by the end of the EPIC Deal Sprint you haven’t received a 300% return on your investment, we will provide you ongoing access to the program materials (all recorded sessions but NOT live training, mentoring or coaching) for 3x as long as the original program!

So grab the free gifts…capitalize on this ‘no lose’ guarantee…and take advantage of these incredible savings only available to you today.

Go ahead and enroll right now to save big and put me and the entire EPIC system to work for you today.



Ways To Stack A $0 OOP Deal


Hidden Deal Sources


Checklist, Agreements & Scripts


Certified EPIC Investors


EPIC Deals Done

Execute the EXACT strategy Roland has used to found, acquire, scale or sell over two dozen businesses with sales ranging from $3 million to just under $4 billion.

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