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The EPIC Challenge is a series of content-packed workshops ranging from 60-90 minutes per day that will walk you through the entire process of finding 5 acquisition targets in 5 days or less. Instead of being overwhelmed or stressed out trying to take as many notes as possible and hoping you don’t miss or forget a valuable step, we want you to relax, engage and immerse yourself in the content. When you upgrade to VIP, you’ll get LIFETIME access to the training sessions! So you can go back and review any part of the content, on-demand, and never worry about missing a single detail.

After you’ve acquired your first (or next) zero cash out of pocket business, the next question is…how do I grow it? Ryan Deiss & Richard Lindner, from, spent an entire day breaking down how they built DigitalMarketer from $0 up to 8 figures through a predictable and sustainable process.

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In this powerful workshop, you’ll learn the proven strategies and techniques to break through the barriers of imposter syndrome and approach business with unwavering confidence, regardless of your experience level. You’ll understand exactly how to align your goals with your acquisitions, how to gain clarity of mind and message, and empower yourself to achieve your goals.

Craft your acquisition criteria using a proven model, eliminating unqualified opportunities and setting yourself up for success. This transformational workshop will unlock your full potential and set you on the path to success.

Join Erik Russell, a seasoned investor, in an exclusive 60-minute session where he unveils his proven strategies for closing profitable acquisitions. Get a rare look into his deals as he shares invaluable insights, including his groundbreaking “Reverse Carve-Out” method.

This content-packed session is your opportunity to gain rare and actionable knowledge on mastering the art of acquisitions. This is a game-changing workshop that can elevate your acquisition skills to new heights.

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*Bonuses delivered after the EPIC Challenge has concluded.

Unlock Your VIP Benefits + $3,788 In Bonuses!

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*Bonuses delivered after the EPIC Challenge has concluded.