Welcome to the EPIC Business Suite

This video provides an overview of the very first steps you should take to leverage power of the EPIC Business Suite platform.

Funnels, Funnels, Funnels!

This video provides a deep-dive into your pre-built funnels and all of the automations that go with them.

How to Create & Use Trigger Links

This video will show you how to set up Trigger Links to help you track link clicks in an email or text message.

How to Trigger an Automation Based on an Email Event

If you would like to set up an automation based on emails events (opened, clicked, bounced, etc.) then this video will show you step by step.

Whether this is your first CRM or you are moving from another system, importing lets you create records and update your existing database. 

Each row represents a contact record, and each information column represents a contact property (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.)

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Adding a domain to your account enables website and funnel functionalities to be created and utilized. A domain refers to the web address, for example, a root domain like mydomain.com or a subdomain like www.mydomain.com. To begin, establish a domain with a registrar like Cloudflare, GoDaddy, or others. Afterward, you can integrate the Domain into the system for use.

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Follow these steps to connect your Facebook pages with the platform...

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In Email Marketing, a regular email is when you send the email right away or schedule too many contacts at once. When you create a regular email, there will be the option to select the template, design the content, and choose the settings of adding receipt and delivery method (Send Now or Schedule).

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Contact > [Text] > Full name: {{contact.name}}

Contact > First name: {{contact.first_name}}

Contact > Last name: {{contact.last_name}}

Contact > Email: {{contact.email}}

Contact > Phone: {{contact.phone}} or **{{contact.phone_raw}}

Contact > Phone (Recommended for trigger links & UTM): Tel:{{contact.phone_raw}}

Contact > Company name: {{contact.company_name}}

Contact > Full Address: {{contact.full_address}}

Contact > Address 1: {{contact.address1}}

Contact > City: {{contact.city}}

Contact > State: {{contact.state}}

Contact > Postal Code: {{contact.postal_code}}

Contact > Date of Birth: {{contact.date_of_birth}}

Contact > Source: {{contact.source}}

Contact > Website: {{contact.website}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Date of last stay: {{contact.date_of_last_stay}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Additional Comments: {{contact.additional_comments}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Villa of last stay: {{contact.villa_of_last_stay}}

Attribution > First > Session Source: {{contact.attributionSource.sessionSource}}

Attribution > First > URL: {{contact.attributionSource.url}}

Attribution > First > Campaign: {{contact.attributionSource.campaign}}

Attribution > First > UM Source: {{contact.attributionSource.utmSource}}

Attribution > First > UM Medium: {{contact.attributionSource.utmMedium}}

Attribution > First > UTM Content: {{contact.attributionSource.utmContent}}

Attribution > First > Referrer: {{contact.attributionSource.referrer}}

Attribution > First > Campaign Id: {{contact.attributionSource.campaignId}}

Attribution > First > FB Clickld: {{contact.attributionSource.fbclid}}

Attribution > First > Google Clickld: {{contact.attributionSource.gclid}}

Attribution > Last > Session Source: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.sessionSource}}

Attribution > Last > URL: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.url}}

Attribution > Last > Campaign: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.campaign}}

Attribution > Last > UM Source: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmSource}}

Attribution > Last > UM Medium: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmMedium}}

Attribution > Last > UTM Content: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmContent}}

Attribution > Last > Referrer: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.referrer}}

Attribution > Last > Campaign Id: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.campaignId}}

Attribution > Last > FB Clickld: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.fbclid}}

Attribution > Last > Google Clickld: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.gclid}}

User > Full Name: {{user.name}}

User > First Name: {{user.first_name}}

User > Last Name: {{user.last_name}}

User > Email: {{user.email}}

User > Phone: {{user.phone}} or **{{user.phone_raw}}

User > Signature: {{user.email_signature}}

User > Calendar Link: {{user.calendar_link}}

User > Appointment Phone: ** {{appointment.user.phone_raw}}

User > Twilio Phone: {{user.twilio_phone_number}}

User > Twilio Phone raw format: {{user.twilio_phone_number_raw}}

Appointment > Start Date Time: {{appointment.start_time}}

Appointment > Start Date: {{appointment.only_start_date}}

Appointment > Start Time: {{appointment.only_start_time}}

Appointment > End Date Time: {{appointment.end_time}}

Appointment > End Date: {{appointment.only_end_date}}

Appointment > End Time: {{appointment.only_end_time}}

Appointment > Timezone: {{appointment.timezone}}

Appointment > Cancellation Link: {{appointment.cancellation_link}}

Appointment > Reschedule Link: {{appointment.reschedule_link}}

Appointment > Meeting Location: {{appointment.meeting_location}}

Appointment > Notes: {{appointment.notes}}

Appointment >Add to Google Calendar: {{appointment.add_to_google_calendar}}

Appointment > Add to Ical&Outlook: {{appointment.add_to_ical_outlook}}

Calendar > Name: {{calendar.name}}

Campaign > Event, Date, Time: {{campaign.event_date_time}}

Campaign > Event Date: {{campaign.event_date}}

Campaign > Event Time: {{campaign.event_time}}

Message > Message Body: {{message.body}}

Account > Name: {{location.name}}

Account > Full Address: {{location.full_address}}

Account > Address Line 1: {{location.address}}

Account > City: {{location.city}}

Account > State: {{location.state}}

Account > Country: {{location.country}}

Account > Postal Code: {{location.postal_code}}

Account > Email: {{location.email}}

Account > Phone: {{location.phone}}

Account > Website: {{location.website}}

Account > Logo URL: {{location.logo_url}}

Account > Owner > First Name: {{location_owner.first_name}}

Account > Owner > Last Name: {{location_owner.last_name}}

Account > Owner > Email: {{location_owner.email}}

Right Now > Second: {{right_now.second}}

Right Now > Minute: {{right_now.minute}}

Right Now > Time 24h Format: {{right_now.hour}}

Right Now > Time AM/PM Format: {{right_now.hour_ampm}}

Right Now > AM/PM: {{right_now.ampm}}

Right Now > Day: {{right_now.day}}

Right Now > Month: {{right_now.month}}

Right Now > Month Extended English: {{right_now.month_english}}

Right Now > Year: {{right_now.year}}

Right Now > Date (month/day/year): {{right_now.middle_endian_date}}

Right Now > Date (day/month/year): {{right_now.little_endian_date}}

Right Now > Day of the week: {{right_now.day_of_week}}