Welcome To EPIC AI

Please follow the 3 steps below to set up your AI Account:

Step 1

The EPIC VAST system is designed to work seamlessly with the EPIC Business Suite. EPIC Business Suite is what we will use to automatically schedule meetings between you and qualified sellers identified by the AI outreach.

If you do not have an EPIC Business Suite account, please click the button below to get started, then navigate to the FAQ page to learn how to set up your account.

Step 2

Twilio will be used to facilitate communication between the automated system and your prospects. If you already have a Twilio account, all we’ll need is:

1. Your Account SID
2. Authorization Token

If you do not have a personal account with Twilio, watch the short tutorials below or navigate to the FAQ page for further information.


Step 3

Complete Your Intake Form

AFTER you have completed both steps 1 and 2, please complete your intake form below so we can get your account set up!

Tutorial: How To Set Up Your Twilio Account

Tutorial: How To Upgrade Your Twilio Account