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AI isn’t just a trend anymore or a tool for efficiency. It’s a dividing factor that is quickly separating businesses that are positioned for growth and those that will be outdated and left behind…

And no business is exempt from this transformation…

Consultants, Investors, Service Providers, ECommerce, Course Creators, Influencer, and every other business on the planet is being impacted, right now…

And if you don’t feel the shift, that’s a sign that you might be falling behind!

Did You Miss the Bitcoin Opportunity?

Remember when Bitcoin was just a new trend? Those who “didn’t feel the shift” just shrugged it off, only to watch in awe as individuals at the front of the opportunity became overnight millionaires.

Were You Late to the Mobile App Party?

A market that was once dominated by simple games and basic utilities apps quickly transformed into a multi-billion-dollar marketplace. Those who hesitated to join the app revolution watched others ride the wave to success.

Did You Underestimate the Power of Social Media?

Social media went from a platform for sharing cat videos and vacation pics to a juggernaut in digital marketing and influence. 

If you missed out, don’t let history repeat itself because…


AI isn’t just the next big thing — it’s a seismic shift in how business is changing forever…

And RIGHT NOW, you’re standing at the threshold of the AI era – an opportunity even greater than cryptocurrencies, mobile apps, and social media.

So we’ve leveraged the most effective AI solutions available and integrated them with our proven business growth and wealth accumulation strategies to give you the ultimate toolkit to automatically generate cash and clients on demand for ANY BUSINESS — all within 30 days or less.


Gain full access to our complete AI Monetization Mastery Program + unrestricted access to our two most successful flagship coaching programs, EPIC Investing + Consulting For Equity, Now Powered By AI

AI Alchemy is a total game-changer but it’s not just about replacing human effort; it’s about enhancing it

Here’s just one example of how you’ll have the ability to leverage cutting-edge AI solutions to dramatically improve your consulting and acquisition efforts…

But the window of opportunity is narrow and…

This Black Friday, we’re giving you everything you need to:

✓ Replace yourself with AI-Powered “Agents” that work together to build your businesses 24 hours a day without you ever having to open your laptop!
✓ Create and sell dozens of GPTs (which are the OpenAI version of apps in the Apple or Android app stores) without learning to code, the AI literally does it all for you!
✓ Create and deploy automated AI virtual sales agents that can make outbound phone calls and have complete voice conversations with sales prospects and leads, sell them, schedule appointments or send them to a page to buy your stuff.
✓ Get certified as a Certified AI Consultant and offer these services to other businesses in what is going to be mark the biggest opportunity since the Internet began.

With AI Alchemy, you’ll have the power to completely change how you:

Capture the Spotlight Without Stepping into It: Create video content using AI without the need for personal camera presence.

Drive Traffic: AI optimizes your marketing strategies, helping you target the right audience with precision.

Lead Magnets: Create attention-grabbing lead magnets to attract your perfect leads, customer, and clients with lightning speed.

Podcasting: Create automated interview-style podcast episodes without expensive production costs or time-consuming ideation.

Global Content Creation: Generate high-quality, engaging content consistently with AI-driven tools and convert them into over 100 languages.

Branding Building: Use AI to analyze market trends and build a brand that resonates with your target audience.

Business Acquisitions: AI helps in identifying potential acquisition targets and analyzing their value.

Prospecting/Negotiation: Automate the entire prospecting and negotiation conversations with AI to build your confidence and refine your conversations before you ever talk to a seller. 

Consulting For Equity: Leverage AI for in-depth market analysis, consultation outlines, presentations, strategic growth initiatives, and more…

AI Alchemy allows you to remove yourself from being the “Bottleneck” in your business…

Create A Business Where Your To-Do List Completes Itself!

The ultimate time management tool isn’t about doing more—it’s about never having to do mundane tasks again. With AI Alchemy, experience the freedom of automated efficiency, where your projects move forward without you lifting a finger. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about redefining productivity.

Multiply Yourself: Be Everywhere Without Going Anywhere

AI Alchemy is your ticket to omnipresence. Manage multiple projects, engage with audiences across various platforms, and be in three places at once, all while reclaiming your personal time freedom. It’s not just about being efficient; it’s about being everywhere, effortlessly.

Here’s What’s Included With Each Program

AI Alchemy

AI Alchemy Platinum

AI Monetization Mastery

Course, Training & Videos Creation
Uncover the secret to effortlessly crafting comprehensive courses, in-depth trainings, and engaging product videos in mere minutes, eliminating tech hassles and content creation struggles.

Automated Interview-Style Podcasting
Create automated interview-style podcast episodes without expensive production costs or time-consuming ideation to effortlessly captivate your audience and boost your podcast’s value.

One-Day Newsletter Launch Mastery
Master the art of launching an AI-produced newsletter in one day, complete with a year’s worth of captivating issues, establishing your authority and nurturing your audience.

Long-Form Videos with a Virtual You
Possess the ability to create engaging long-form videos featuring a virtual version of yourself!

Offer AI Consulting Services To Others
Once you learn, understand and master the AI strategies we offer, you’ll have the unique ability to offer AI consulting services to help other businesses, increasing your credibility and revenue options.

Rapid Non-Fiction Book Creation
Learn how to quickly create professional quality non-fiction books in as little as 24 hours, designed to establish authority in your niche and attract high-quality leads, prospects, clients

Effortless Quiz Creation
Discover the effortless way to auto-generate over 50 captivating quizzes for high-quality lead magnets in just 30 minutes to increase your audience engagement and lead generation.

365 Days of Email Content in 24 Hours
Efficiently fill your entire email calendar with a full year’s worth of engaging and targeted content within 24 hours, ensuring consistent delivery and audience engagement.

Unlimited Social Reels, Shorts + More…
Learn how to automatically create unlimited reels, shorts, and other captivating social video content to boost your online presence

Monetize “Virtual Influencer” Personalities
Learn how you can confidently build and monetize multiple “virtual influencer” personalities, unlocking complete new revenue streams.

On-Demand AI Narrated Audiobooks
Discover how to produce AI-powered audiobooks on-demand, allowing you to produce captivating AI-narrated audio, enhancing your content reach and your audience engagement.

Global Content Expansion Made Easy
Follow our step-by-step guidance to seamlessly convert your existing and new content into over 100 languages, allowing you to unlocking your content’s impact and expand your global reach!

Personalized Client Videos Made Easy
Leverage AI to record unlimited personalized client videos with just a single recording. This is the ultimate hack to saving time while enhancing your client relationships

Deploy SEO-Powered Blog Content
Master the process of deploying six months’ worth of SEO-friendly blog content in just 30 minutes, enhancing your website’s search engine visibility.

Endless Possibilities with AI (and more)
Not only will you get our proven models and step-by-step training but you’ll discover a world of endless possibilities with AI, where you can unlock endless opportunities.

Top 30 Most Amazing Prompts

Create attention-grabbing book covers (workshop)

The AI-Powered Expert Training ($9,995 Value)

Eye-catching AI logos for podcasts + products mini-class

Launch your own AI consulting business workshop

Getting Your First AI Consulting Client Sprint

Done with you group coaching:

  • 12 weeks of high-intensity small group training
  • Write your book and audiobook
  • Create your newsletter, blog, or launch your podcast
  • Create long and short-form social videos
  • Deploy your virtual influencer
  • Create your training course

Consulting For Equity

​“Get Your 1st Client For Equity” 15 Day Sprint Training ($3,500)

​”Half-Day Consult” Sprint Training ($5,000)

​​Unlimited Leads Workshop: How To Line Up Leads From Instagram, Linked-in, & Social ($2,000)

​How To Use Your Expertise & Content To Create A Lead Machine W/ Zero Ad Spend Training ($2,000)

​​One Page “Paint The Picture” Client Pre-Sell PDF ($1,500)

​​5 “Group” Closing Strategies: Turn Lead Magnets, Books, Webinar, Challenges, or Podcasts into CFE Clients ($3,000)

​100% Ready-To-Deliver “Level 10” Consulting Experience Blueprints ($7,500)

  1. Leveraged Sales Consult ($2,500)
  2. Bankable Profits Consult ($2,500)
  3. Monetization Makeover Consult ($2,500)

​21 Equity Consulting Checklists, Agreements, Scripts, Models + Templates ($1,500)

​Lifetime Access To The Consulting For Equity Community

Become A Client Getting Machine with Roland’s Most-Up-To Date Methods In 30 Days Or Less

​EPIC Mastermind Sprint Training + SOP Bundle ($3,995)

​Online Course Deal Sprint Workshop ($5,000)

Group Q &A Session: “20 Year Wealth Shortcut” ($1,755)

BONUS 1: 4 Additional (Highest Paying) ½-Day Consult Blueprints ($10,000)

  1. Transferable Value Consult ($2500)
  2. Acquisitions For Growth Consult ($2500)
  3. Exit Ready 1/2 Day Consult ($2,500)
  4. Customer Experience Consult ($2,500)

​Exclusive Jay Abraham Hotseat Mastery ($7,500)

​4 Bonus Private Group Calls With Roland ($12,000)

​1-hour Legal Group Call With Our Deal Attorney ($750)

​Do Deals with Roland + His Network ($25,000)

E.P.I.C Intensive Coaching Program

40+ Hours of $0 M&A Video Training (Value $3,000)

8 Weeks of Group Mentorship Live Calls with Roland + His Team (Value $5,000)

179 Deal Sources (Value $200)

80+ Business Buying Checklists, Scripts and Agreements (Value $1,500)

159 $0 Out-Of-Pocket Funding Strategies (Value $3,500)

57 Advanced $0 OOPocket Funding Strategies (Value $1,500)

5,690 Family Offices, Private Equity Funds, Angel Investor Groups, Venture Capital Groups and Investment Bankers Database (Value $5,995)

Lifetime Access to the EPIC Deal Community (Value PRICELESS)




4 Private Group Calls with Roland (Value $12,000)

1-Hr. Group Call w/M&A Attorney, (3) 30 Minute CFO Calls + Due Diligence Pack (Value $15,000)

Do Deals With Roland and His Network (Value $25,000)

8 Deal Breakdowns (Value $1,200)

12 Months Access to Deal Done (Value $2,495)

Advanced LOI + Creative Deal Structuring Workshop (Value $5,000)

BONUS 1: 4 Additional (Highest Paying) ½-Day Consult Blueprints ($10,000)

BONUS 2: Remote Business Ops Mastery ($2,000 VALUE)

BONUS 3: Advanced Zero Dollar Traffic Acquisitions ($2,000 VALUE)

BONUS 4: Advanced M&A Mastermind ($2,000 VALUE)

BONUS 5: Portfolio Building Mastery ($2,000 VALUE)


Jay Abraham Exponential Growth Workshop ($10,000 VALUE)

Remote Business Ops Mastery ($2,000 VALUE)

Advanced Zero Dollar Traffic Acquisitions ($2,000 VALUE)

Advanced M&A Mastermind ($2,000 VALUE)

Portfolio Building Mastery ($2,000 VALUE)