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Raising Capital

Capital is more than just money; it’s the catalyst that transforms ideas and dreams into tangible success. When you have the ability to raise capital and eliminate the concerns over funding, you quite literally unlock the ability to pursue your most ambitious projects and move as fast as possible.

Raising capital is a powerful tool. Some of the most successful companies today based on the ability to turn an idea into a reality through their ability to effectively raise capital, such as:


Raised $1 million from 20 local investors to start Amazon. Imagine how different his life and the lives of every Amazon customer would be today if a lack of funding had stopped him from starting Amazon.


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple): Secured $250,000 in funding following an initial $1,350 order. Imagine if they never got the funding to fill that first order and $3 Trillion Apple did not exist today.


Larry Page and Sergey Brin secured a $100,000 check as the first funding round for Google. What if they took that check without the proper documents, lost control of their business, or got stopped dead in their tracks with expensive and punishing litigation from the SEC?


Capital On Demand

Join us for our LIVE Capital On Demand 4-week intensive with Attorney Nate Dodson. We’re going beyond basic training and providing a dynamic, engaging experience that will revolutionize how you view and approach capital raising.

In just 4 sessions, you’ll discover how to fund your entrepreneurial journey, just like the legends did, and avoid the pitfalls that have hindered many, with nothing hidden behind the scenes. You’ll get templates, resources, case studies, guides, in-depth Q&A sessions, step-by-step instructions on how to get started, and so much more…


It’s a new year, and 2024 is poised to unlock unprecedented growth. Capital On Demand presents an unmatched opportunity…

This isn’t just another training program; it’s an immersive, hands-on, deep dive into the world of effectively raising capital.

By joining us, you’re not only gaining a highly sought-after skill set but also tapping into limitless potential. By the time this 4-week intensive workshop is over, you’ll have the keys to:

This in-depth workshop is your gateway to mastering the art of raising capital and reshaping your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss this chance to transform your future.

You Only Need 3 Factors In Place!

Having the ability to raise capital isn’t just a valuable skill, it’s an essential one that can dramatically change the course of your entrepreneurial journey.

Because the truth is, you just need to have 3 FACTORS IN PLACE to make this happen…

The Cost Of Getting It Wrong: Avoidable Disasters

However, it’s not the raising of capital that scares off most individuals, but the nuances and legal complexities involved.

According to a poll run by Gallup, 77% of small businesses rely on the personal savings of their founders for initial capital needs, and less than 1% of start-ups raise venture capital.

There are countless “horror stories” of well-meaning entrepreneurs who wanted to fund their dream startup-up, change the world with their breakthrough ideas, or simply gain financial freedom by acquiring an already profitable business.

Many never made it from dream to reality because they failed to plan properly, prepare, and educate themselves about the right way to raise money. Don’t let a lack of knowledge and strategy be the reason you never get the funding you need for your dreams. And don’t let your dreams become a nightmare of litigation and regulatory penalties because you didn’t get the right advice before deciding to raise capital.


Here are a few businesses that could have been successes that were devastated by avoidable mistakes


Solyndra’s Collapse: Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer, secured over $500 million in federal loan guarantees but went bankrupt due to capital mismanagement and market underestimations. 


Theranos’ Downfall: Theranos raised hundreds of millions but was plagued by scandal due to fraud and tech misrepresentations in their funding rounds, leading to legal battles and ultimately prison for its founder.


WeWork’s Failure: WeWork, once a high-flying startup, saw its valuation plummet from $47 billion to around $10 billion due to governance issues and unsustainable growth tactics after raising substantial capital without the proper safeguards in place.

Learn from both the success stories and agonizing and costly failures of past entrepreneurs. This one-of-a-kind training offers not only invaluable insights into raising capital the right way, but the actual in-the-trenches strategies, tactics and real-world examples and case studies of how YOU can do it too.


But before we dive in…

Ask Yourself These Important Questions:

If you had the ability to raise capital on-demand for any business, venture, idea, or project, would that help you achieve your success goals quicker?

Are you motivated to launch a fundraising campaign but think raising capital is only for well-connected entrepreneurs and not for someone with your background?

Worried about the legal risks of raising capital? Wondering how you can navigate campaigns safely?

Worried that you don't have a business or project that's attractive enough to secure funding?

Are you eager to learn the strategies for structuring deals that appeal to potential investors and secure funding for you, your clients, or partnerships?

Are you an innovator with groundbreaking ideas but find yourself held back by a lack of financial resources?

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of dealing with high-net-worth individuals or institutional investors?

Concerned that your lack of experience in capital raising could lead to missed opportunities or financial loss?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, you’re in the right place.

Let’s break down what raising capital really means for you.

It’s not just about gathering funds; it’s a journey toward transforming your ambitious visions into thriving realities. 

Limitless growth and expansion become possible when you successfully harness the power of raising capital. It’s about propelling your business forward while keeping your personal assets protected.

This is precisely why we are hosting a LIVE 4-week intensive Capital On Demand with nothing held back…

Above all, we value our

client Experiences

“I’ve done about $1B in deals over the years and I can’t see myself working with anyone else!

“I’ve done 20+ deals in many areas over the last decade, and they are the best!”

Here's What You'll Get

Capital On Demand is a complete A to Z Workshop that will walk you through every step of the process including:

Acquisitions Via Capital

Discover how to master strategic acquisitions for growth through capital. Some of the most successful businesses you know have leveraged this same exact strategy for rapid expansion. There is no faster and more efficient way to outpace your competition in any market.

Berkshire-Hathaway: Raised capital to fund over 60 acquisitions and become one of the most valuable companies in the world. 

Completed over 15 acquisitions; and raised billions through venture capital and private equity to completely reinvent the unpleasant experience of getting a taxi.

Facebook (Meta Platforms): Completed over 80 acquisitions by raising funding through private investments and eventually its IPO.

Microsoft has completed over 225 acquisitions funded through offerings and capital raising.

Salesforce: Over 60 acquisitions completed with capital raised through public offerings and debt securities.

Smart Capital Raising

When you unlock the power of strategic capital raising you remove the limitations of what is possible. These real-world examples showcase how smart funding decisions can lead to rapid growth, market dominance, and innovation that transforms startups into industry giants.

Rapid Scaling: WhatsApp expanded rapidly after a $250,000 seed investment, later acquired by Facebook for $19 billion.

Market Penetration: Spotify’s strategic funding rounds helped it penetrate global markets, becoming a streaming leader.

Technology Advancement: Oculus VR, with initial Kickstarter funding, developed groundbreaking technology, leading to a $2 billion Facebook acquisition.
Talent Acquisition: Google’s acquisition of Android helped them enter and eventually dominate the mobile OS market.
Diversification: Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics diversified its product line into the audio sector and paved the way for Apple Music and AirPods.
Global Expansion: Alibaba’s early investments supported its growth into a global e-commerce giant.
Product Development: Amazon’s acquisition of Kiva Systems enhanced its logistics capabilities which ultimately became one of its most effective competitive weapons to beat out competitors.
Brand Building: Nike’s acquisition of Converse strengthened its brand portfolio and market reach.
Risk Mitigation: Salesforce’s strategic acquisitions have continually enhanced its cloud offerings, mitigating market risks.

Plus, Each Workshop Will Have A Dedicated Focus

Capital On Demand Workshop 1: Raising Money from Friends and Family
Thursday, January 4th, 2024 at 5 PM CST

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to navigate the complexities of raising funds from friends and family, understand securities laws, and develop effective marketing strategies.

  • Understanding Securities: Grasp the fundamentals and legalities of securities, ensuring you remain compliant and confident while raising capital.
  • Navigating Family & Friends Funding: Tackle the uncertainty of approaching friends and family for funding, learning how to present your ideas in a compelling, professional manner that builds trust and support…
  • Accredited Investors Explained: Identify and understand accredited investors, enabling you to tap into a network of financially capable individuals.
  • Marketing Strategies & Limitations: Master compliant marketing strategies to communicate your vision effectively, ensuring your message resonates and attracts investment without legal pitfalls or ineffective messaging.
  • Risk Management: Equip yourself with strategies to identify and mitigate potential risks, safeguard your project, and maintain investor confidence.
  • And more…

Capital On Demand Workshop 2: Raising money from the High Net Worth
Wednesday, January 10th, 2024 at 5 PM CST

Discover how to engage high net worth individuals and accredited investors, set up investment funds, and harness online marketing for capital raising.

  • Identifying Accredited Investors: Develop the ability to connect and confidently approach high-net-worth individuals, expanding your funding potential exponentially.
  • Fundraising Legality: Gain clarity on legal boundaries in fundraising, ensuring your efforts are ethical, legal, and effective.
  • Setting up Investment Funds: Explore the process and advantages of creating investment funds, opening doors to larger-scale capital and diversified investment opportunities.
  • Effective Online Marketing: Learn innovative online marketing strategies to capture the attention of potential investors, enhancing your project’s visibility and appeal.
  • And more…

Capital On Demand Workshop 3: Raising Money from the Crowd
Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 at noon CST

Master the art of crowdfunding, including compliance, investor engagement, and innovative marketing techniques for broader outreach.

  • Crowdfunding Mastery: Dive deep into crowdfunding dynamics, unlocking a powerful tool to raise funds while engaging and expanding your audience.
  • Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guidelines: Understand the rules of crowdfunding to confidently navigate its landscape, ensuring your campaigns are effective and compliant.
  • Investor Limitations and Strategies: Understand investor profiles to tailor your approach, maximizing appeal and investment potential.
  • Digital Marketing Insights: Leverage the power of digital platforms to effectively reach and engage a wider pool of potential backers, amplifying your funding prospects.
  •  And more…

Capital On Demand Workshop 4: Buying Businesses with Investors
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 at noon CST

Develop strategies for finding investors, learn how to set up and manage investment funds, and understand the tax implications for business acquisitions.

  • Investor Attraction Techniques: Learn how to attract the right investors, creating solid partnerships that fuel business growth and success.
  • Investment Fund Creation: Gain insights into establishing a fund, providing you with a robust platform for securing and managing investments.
  • Investor Positioning Essentials: Acquire skills to effectively position yourself to potential investors, building credibility and trust that are key to successful funding.
  • Sustainable Investor Relations: Develop ongoing strategies to maintain positive investor relations, fostering long-term partnerships and continued funding.
  • Navigating Tax Implications: Understand the tax aspects of investments to optimize financial outcomes and avoid legal complications.
  • And More…

More From Real Clients


Great to work with... Aside from their knowledge in the space, their attention to detail, great follow-up and follow-through, they are really nice people. Legal documents can be daunting, but their onboarding process made it less so. We have just completed our first SEC filing and I will absolutely come back for the next one.


I am thoroughly impressed with the organized process and expertise that I have experienced. I would not use anyone else when navigating the complex process of securities laws associated with raising capital. Highly recommend for anyone seeking competent legal advice.


The entire team not only provided the most savvy and practical (financial sense too) advised but guide me through many bumpy situations to succeed on the different transactions. They are a complete team that can review your legal situation in many ways. After a decade, I can't seem myself working with anyboody else.


They were exceptional in getting my Fund up and running! Communication was very responsive and the knowledge base was very impressive.. Highly recommend their services and will use again after this Fund is over.


Very helpful in getting our fund off the ground quickly and cost-effectively. Helped a lot with advice on structure and great followup.

Thomas Ince

This team is great. Would recommend them to anyone looking to raise capital.

So What's The Investment?

It’s crucial to understand that this isn’t just a financial investment – it’s an investment in your future success. The cost of inaction or incorrect action in raising capital can be devistating.

The financial repercussions of legal missteps, the loss of trust from potential investors, and missed opportunities due to a lack of knowledge are all too common. These are risks that far outweigh today’s investment.

The true value of Capital On Demand lies in its ability to equip you with the knowledge to avoid these costly mistakes, open doors to untapped financial resources, and guide you through the complexities of raising capital with 100% confidence.

The skills and strategies you’ll acquire are not just theoretical; they’re practical, actionable, and proven effective in the real world.

With that in mind, our goal is not to charge as much as possible for this valuable LIVE workshop. We could easily and justifiably charge $3,000 to $5,000 for this 4-week LIVE intensive. However, we have found far more value in the success stories and partnerships that have been developed by knowledgeable members who take action. So, we want to put this within range of anyone ready to learn how to effectively raise capital.

So, for a limited time, instead of charging the $3,000 to $5,000 this intensive workshop is realistically worth, we’re offering this transformative experience for a one-time payment of only $1,995.

Secure your spot in Capital On Demand Today and take the first step towards mastering the art of raising capital.

Remember, this is a limited-time offer – and spots are limited.

Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier is an investor and business strategist with over 1,000 acquisitions and exits completed for himself and his clients.

His current portfolio companies include real estate, restaurants, business and home services, events, eLearning, e-commerce, franchise, and SaaS businesses.

He has been a principal of 6 different Inc. fastest growing companies and serves on the Stanford University Advisory Board for Global Projects and their Family Office Steering Committee.

He has been featured in Business Insider, Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Yahoo Finance and has appeared on all major television networks.

Roland has interviewed Sir Richard Branson, Sarah Blakely, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart, Magic Johnson, and other business celebrities, many on his award-winning Business Lunch podcast.

Nathaniel Dodson, Esq.

Nathaniel Dodson, Esq. advises clients on matters related to securities, financing, real estate, opportunity zones, and M&A.

Prior to his law practice, Nate was a former investment broker and advisor providing a level of knowledge and experience in investment sales, structures, and asset protection. Through leveraging his expertise in the industry along with the help from his long list of trusted connections, Nathaniel has represented over $2 Billion in real estate and business funding transactions.

He received his bachelor’s in economics from the University of Texas at Austin and Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego. He is currently a member of the Nevada and Texas State Bars.

Seize Your Moment

By choosing to enroll, you’re not just buying access to information; you’re investing in a skill set that could redefine the trajectory of your business and personal wealth. This is your chance to grasp the keys to financial empowerment, to step into a realm of possibilities where funding is no longer a barrier but a gateway to your dreams.

For only $1,995, the return on investment can be immeasurable. You’re gaining knowledge that could leverage millions in capital, forge lasting investor relationships, and offer exponential growth for you, your clients, or your partnerships. This is your chance to be part of a select group that understands the art of raising capital – an invaluable asset in today’s competitive landscape.

Make the choice to be proactive about your future. Don’t look back a year from now wishing you had taken this step. Click the button below, join Capital On-Demand right now, and let’s transform your potential into reality.

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Choose Your Path To Success


4 LIVE Intensive Workshops
$ 1,995
  • Capital On Demand 4 Week LIVE Intensive
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions (post training)
  • Real World Case Studies and Deep Dives
  • Downloadable Templates and Resources


Full Program + Coaching + AI Powered Investor!
$ 4,995
  • Everything from Capital On Demand, Plus:
  • 8 Total Weeks of Small Group Coaching with the $10B Attorney, Nate Dodson
  • 8 Total Weeks: EPIC M&A Master Coaching
  • 8 Total Weeks: Consulting For Equity Coaching​
  • 12-Part AI Monetization Training Program