If You Follow What We Teach, Leveraging Proven Strategies and Automated Systems, You Can Secure Your Ideal Business with $0 Out of Pocket In 16 Short Weeks, Using a Simple 3-Phase System. Gain Access to Expert Mentorship, Exclusive Tools, a Thriving Community, and Our “Deal or Double” Success Guarantee.


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Our goal is to help you acquire a profitable business in the next 16 weeks with us by your side, and put you in a position where you can choose to exit your current day job or expand your existing business without doing any “grunt work” (and either focus on only the high-leverage work you love doing, or simply sit back and enjoy the dividends and distributions your portfolio business pays you). You may even decide that you would like to earn years or decades of profits in a single year by choosing to exit the business completely for the highest possible valuation.


The Automated Deal-Finder Engine™ (Weeks 1-2):

First, we’ll systemize and “automate” the process of finding exactly the right business for you to acquire by helping you develop your “acquisition criteria,” a detailed description of exactly what type of business you would like to own, including which industry, what location, annual revenue and profits, management team and more. 

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to providing you with the exact business acquisition targets you want via an extensive database of over 100 million companies and company contacts. 

The Result: You’re never at a loss for deal-flow because we have a virtually unlimited deal-flow engine that provides you as many leads as you need until you get your deal done.

The Automated Outreach Engine™ (Weeks 3-4) 

Second, we’ll help you create customized outreach directly to your ideal acquisition targets via our proven deal-producing emails, voice and text message systems. All acquisition target outreach can be  managed by our proprietary automated software system or designed around your schedule, complete with data dashboards so that you know exactly where each potential acquisition candidate is in the acquisition process, from first contact to closed contract. 

The Result: You have all the data on every potential acquisition you are exploring right at your fingertips, right down to the exact conversations you’ve had with potential sellers.

The Automated Acquisition Engine™ (Weeks 5-16) 

Finally, we’ll help you create and communicate your acquisition offer and LOI (Letter of Intent) to your ideal acquisition prospects based on your own perfect deal structure for your $0 out of pocket acquisition.

This happens through a combination of one-on-one strategy conversations with your EPIC Acquisition Concierge in tandem with our custom DealDone software that virtually creates your perfect deal terms for you based on the best strategies from our current database of over 220 proven $0 out-of-pocket acquisition strategies. 

The Result: You deliver an irresistible acquisition offer to sellers containing the ideal “deal stack” to get them their best price for their business with the most favorable terms for you.

Here's What Our Members Say...

“I cannot believe that I just took 80% ownership of a company with no money out of pocket. I can’t believe I was able to literally buy a company from only talking to a person. That’s all I did!”  

Erik Russell

“I took EPIC in May and within 90 days closed a 7-figure Hula-Hoop company for no money down, and now we’re putting together a roll up, which has been very exciting! Life-changing for sure.”

Samuel Wiseman

“Until EPIC, I was never given any sort of direction on how to do it. It was EPIC that gave me directions on how to do it, step-by-step, and examples of how others did it, and that’s what helped me to get my first acquisition. I give full credit to EPIC.”  

Erik Gesinski

All the Tools, Resources, and Advantages You Need for Profitable Acquisitions in 3 Simple Steps...

Map Your Acquisition

Map your acquisition path with the same strategic advantages, resources, and customizable tools we use ourselves.

Map your acquisition path with the same strategic advantages, resources, and customizable tools we use ourselves.

Access 56+ detailed workshops, private training, and Q&A sessions, each valued at $2K, to ensure all your questions are answered.

Gain immediate access to the latest strategies, systems, and tools we discover, keeping you ahead with what’s working now.

Optimize Your Structure

Establish your ideal acquisition structure to minimize taxes, build business credit, and shield yourself from personal liability.

This wealth strategy lets you pursue new opportunities while protecting your core assets.

Receive tailored legal advice during group sessions addressing your specific deals, goals, and criteria.

Participate in weekly LIVE calls led by master coaches who guide you through every step of your acquisition journey.

Secure Profitable Deals

Identify profitable acquisition opportunities and avoid wasting time on high-risk deals. With guidance from a qualified advisor, you’ll access advanced systems including:

Use our custom software to quickly analyze profitability, determine and assess if a deal is worth pursuing.

Connect with investors and dealmakers, access deal flow, create partnerships, and get community support.

Access our customizable marketing system with features like funnels, email/SMS, pipeline management & more.

More From Our Members...

Todd Herman

Shout to Roland Frasier… I took his advice and tips on acquiring businesses and I just closed on acquiring a software company… AND I did it with no cash injection!


Matt Rosen

Thanks to all the advice, wisdom, feedback, and info that’s come from this…my business partner and I have successfully purchased our first business for no money out of pocket!

Menon R.

This is one of the best programs I have been part of. The coaches are amazing and Roland is nothing short of a genius. The content is constantly updated. I highly recommend it!


“Just in the past several weeks, I now have an equitable position in a health and wellness space that’s doing $10M per year, same with a software business, an e-commerce business, and the home gardening space — all with no money out of my pocket to make these deals happen. This works!”

“This really gave me multiple new ways [to grow a tech company] that’s actually impactful and pretty quick.”

Let's Accelerate Your Success

Unlock exclusive access to EPIC’s proprietary tools and templates, expanding your network and resources instantly. Benefit from a fast-track onboarding roadmap to overcome constraints quickly, and build momentum with weekly group mentorship from proven acquisition entrepreneurs. Equip yourself with everything needed to achieve profitable business ownership.

Access all the tools and templates needed to build and install a custom, sharable acquisition operating system, enabling your acquisitions business to run seamlessly without you.

Whether you’re looking for partnerships, deals, or resources, our network becomes an extension of your network. Tap into thousands of high-value relationships, solutions and providers.

We’ll uncover your desires and objectives for acquiring your next $0 out of pocket business, identify constraints, and aim for quick wins to build your confidence and rapidly progress your acquisition.

Participate in multiple weekly group mentorship sessions and receive implementation support for you and your team. Learn from proven acquisition entrepreneurs who guide you towards success.

Unlock These Exclusive Bonuses

Enhance Your Business Acquisition Journey with Premium Resources and Insider Access

In addition to everything we’re giving you, these exclusive bonuses are designed to maximize your success and propel you on your path to building wealth.


VALUE ($10,000)

$2 Million Funding Campaign

Get an insider look at the complete marketing campaign that successfully secured $2M in funding commitments. This bonus offers detailed insights into every element of the campaign including ads, landing pages, copy, videos, and more, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit to replicate this success in your own ventures.


VALUE ($112,000)

56+ Intensive Workshop Library

At least once a month our EPIC mentors host timely and topical workshops, private event sessions, and intensives to add additional tools, resources, and strategies to your tool belt.


VALUE ($10,000)

Comprehensive Due Diligence Pack

Receive a one-hour group call with Roland’s personal M&A attorney, benefit from three 30-minute sessions with our CFO, and gain exclusive access to the EPIC Network Due Diligence resources. This pack equips you with the expert insights and tools needed to evaluate deals effectively.



VALUE ($112,000)

EPIC Toolbox Access

91+ tools, templates, and fill-in-the-blank worksheets that make it easy to operationalize all the “in-the-trenches” work acquisition entrepreneurs need to do.


VALUE ($3,995)

Ticket To EPIC Network LIVE Event

EPIC Network Live features interactive, workshop-style sessions as well as intimate keynotes and fireside chats with some of the biggest names in the acquisitions business. Receive state-of-the-art training, meet partners for your next deal, get to know the EPIC team up close and personal while exponentially advancing your acquisition knowledge, skills, experience and connections.



VALUE (Priceless)

Partner with Over 22K EPIC Members

Join over 22,000 acquisition entrepreneurs, CEOs, Investors, and successful business owners gather to collaborate and connect. Beyond networking, our members benefit from high-value partnership opportunities, leveraging collective expertise, and celebrating member successes.


What LIVE Event Attendees Say...

It’s important to be here and be present, and being at an event like this, it gives us more knowledge, more experience to be able to sustain our lifestyles and just build on it… This event is INCREDIBLE.

– Metta World Peace

The caliber of people in the organization and the way that Roland’s team served everybody is second to none. I know I’m in the right place and made a good decision with the right people behind me to help and support me as I grow in M&A.

– Joel Waters

It was an absolute pleasure to meet each and every one of you. I really look forward to being a part of this family and just buying a whole bunch of businesses this year! I appreciate everyone who added value to me and I hope I did the same.

– Neimiah Davis



While we can’t guarantee specific outcomes in business, we are confident in the effectiveness of our implementation program. If you fully apply what you learn and aren’t in the process of acquiring a business by the end of the program, we’ll extend your access to our program resources and expert-led group coaching sessions for an additional 16 weeks at no extra cost! We are committed to your success, and we will continue to work with you until you achieve it. That’s how confident we are in your success. We won’t let you fail!

Join the EPIC Business Buyer Implementation & Mentorship Program Today

Acquire A Profitable Business and Amplify Your Wealth in Just 16 Weeks. Join Our Expert-Led Implementation Mentorship for the Guidance, Support, and Tools You Need to Transform Your Future.

The Complete EPIC A.I. Acquisition Suite (12 Proprietary AI M&A Tools)

16-Week EPIC Investing M&A Implementation Program

Weekly LIVE Group Calls With Master Coaches (16 Weeks)

8-Week "Quick Start" Intensive to help you get off to a fast start

100+ Documents, Checklists, Scripts, Templates, and legal document

One (1) Admission To Our Exclusive 2-Day In-Person EPIC Network Live Event

Partner with over 22,000 other EPIC Members

JV (Do Deals!) with Roland or Your Master Coaches

Member-Only Access To Roland's Exclusive Content Vault

And So Much More...



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If you’re considering investing in one of our coaching programs, you should have read our books, attended our webinars, taken part in our EPIC Challenge, or have spoken with a member of our team. During this period, you had the chance to ask questions about the program.

Our coaching program comes with a 3-day grace period. This grace period is in place to accommodate unforeseen or extenuating circumstances that might necessitate withdrawal, with a refund issued accordingly.

However, if you are uncertain about whether this program is right for you, you should NOT invest in our coaching.

Once you’ve gained access to our valuable intellectual property and materials, it becomes impossible to reverse that access or “unlearn” what you’ve acquired. As a result, we do not allow refund requests beyond the initial 3-day grace period.

We are committed to working with individuals genuinely dedicated to learning and applying these materials. 

We are only interested in people who are honestly committed to consuming and using these materials. Unfortunately, we have had those in the past who invested in the program and, after receiving all the information, tried to refund. We do not support this unethical behavior.

Again, there is a strict No Refund Policy beyond the 3-day grace period.