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Roland Frasier
San Diego, CA

Fellow entrepreneur,

There’s a hidden secret that some of the most successful entrepreneurs are using in plain sight. It’s one of the most profitable elements in my business that has easily given me a 10x return on my investment, generates constant deal flow, quickly grows my network with high-value connections, and has created some of my most meaningful partnerships.

It’s also one of the most under-leveraged elements that can instantly change your business or even allow you to launch a new business, fast!

I’m talking about running your own high-value Mastermind.

If you want to attract and build a network of the highest quality customers, partners, marketers, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, experts, personal development professionals, founders, local brick-and-mortar business owners, and any other targeted group of individuals, then…

Starting your own mastermind is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business, especially in 2023!

But very few people leverage them.


Let’s be honest…

It can be intimidating, and most people have a ton of unanswered questions, such as:

  • Where do you find high-quality participants ready and willing to pay to be part of your mastermind?
  • How do you know what content, presentations, discussion topics, training, or materials are needed for a successful mastermind?
  • How much should you charge?
  • How much time will it take?
  • Where should you host the mastermind, and how often?
  • How much value does this really add to my primary business?

And dozens of other critical unanswered questions before you even get started

But the truth is, that creating your own high-value mastermind isn’t nearly as complicated or as difficult as you might think…

And after creating several successful high-profit and high-value masterminds, I can confidently say that it’s far easier than other things you might set out to accomplish that don’t come close to the income, deal flow, and network expansion potential you get with your own mastermind…

But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about building one for yourself…and I’ve experienced both!

With every mastermind we’ve launched, we have improved our marketing, attendance, content creation strategies, refined our processes, and ultimately increased our profits time and time again…

Today, our high-value masterminds easily generate over $5M in profit for us every year, and…

I Want To Hand You My Exact Step-By-Step Blueprint And Walk You Through The Entire Process Of Creating Your Own High-Value Mastermind!

Recently, we held a private in-depth 5-week workshop with our highest paying clients and highest level members sharing exactly how to build a high-quality and highly profitable mastermind with unbelievable benefits that go far beyond the income it can generate.

We shared every closed-door secret, every resource, every strategy, and every time-tested and proven step needed to build a high-value mastermind from the ground up…

Now, before we go any further, let me be clear…

  • You do not need to be a subject matter expert or have decades of experience in any particular field to create a high-value mastermind…
  • You do not need to be well connected or have an existing network of any kind to get started…
  • You do not need to have any level of influence, business experience, or following to make this work…
  • You do need to be willing to take action and follow the step-by-step blueprint (even if you’re not doing the actual work yourself)…
  • You do need to be willing to step into the spotlight and get comfortable with being seen as an authority by your members and having people competing for your time…
  • You do need to have an end goal in mind. Whether it’s to generate constant deal flow (the way I love to do), attract high-value business partnerships, find new clients, rapidly grow a high-quality network, expand your existing network or simply generate additional income… you’ll need to have a goal in mind. This will lay the foundation for how you structure your mastermind.

If you meet those criteria and are ready to confidently follow the exact time-tested and proven-to-work blueprint that we have used time and time again to create several high-value masterminds in any niche or industry you choose, then you can:

And so many more additional benefits…

This is one of the few times I’ve released this private workshop and I want to give you instant access with limited-time introductory pricing to…

The EPIC Network Mastermind Sprint

You’ll get the complete 5-week workshop as I share every secret, approach, insight, and tactic we personally use to build highly successful masterminds that qualified individuals and business professionals are eager to join, starting from the ground up…

In the EPIC Mastermind Sprint, we walk you through the entire process, step-by-step leaving no stone unturned, to create your own mastermind in as little as 14 days from today

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

PLUS, You’ll Get Instant Access To My Personal Resources & Case Studies, including:

And So MUCH More…

So What’s The Investment?

Until today, the mastermind blueprint, private strategies, and closely guarded secrets that you’ll have exclusive access to have only been shared with our highest-level mastermind members, which typically costs upwards of $30,000 to join…

The typical cost for a half-day consult (4-hour) session with me is $25,000…

So just the upfront value of the Epic Network Mastermind Sprint is significant

And in all fairness, the income potential and direct benefits of running a successful high-value mastermind could easily pay for the investment multiple times over…

But When You Claim Your Access Today, You’ll Also Get: 

2 Complete Done For You SOPs...

#1: The Mastermind SOP Workbook

You get our comprehensive step-by-step Mastermind SOP giving you everything you need in an organized and simple-to-follow workbook. The Mastermind SOP will ensure you never miss a step and cover all your bases for a successful high-value event every attendee will rave about, including:
  • Our Exact Brochure Templates
  • Our Best Cold Outreach Email Templates
  • Our Word For Word Mastermind Application
  • Member Directory Template
  • Program Swag and Promotional Examples
  • Event Sourcing Guidelines
  • Hotel Contract Guidelines
  • Concession Examples
  • Event Supply Lists
  • Project Management Software Resources
  • Website Guidelines
  • Critical Event Resource Checklist & Communication Guides
  • Social Media & Member Highlights Guide
  • Speaker & Agenda Checklists
  • Event Filming & Resources Guide
  • Timelines, Attendees, Communication Guides, and MUCH More…

#2: The Event SOP Workbook

Created by DeAnna Rogers, who has been in the event industry for over a decade and has organized some of our most successful events, the Event SOP covers every detail and action item you need to care for, including:
  • Location Selection
  • Guidelines For Scouting Hotel Locations
  • Communication Resources
  • Hotel Contract Considerations
  • Insurance Considerations
  • Audio / Visual Factors & Checklists
  • Event Meetings
  • Team & Client Communications
  • Hotel Deposits / Payments
  • Hotel Logistics
  • Contracted Rooms
  • Room Check Off List
  • Event Budget Considerations
  • Staffing & Roles
  • Speakers & Flights
  • Daily Schedules
  • Vendor Considerations
  • Email Campaigns
  • Branding
  • Sponsors
  • Special Needs
  • Media & Testimonials
  • And More…

And You Get BOTH Priceless SOPs FREE!

However, Here's My Master Plan And Why I'm Doing This Today...

Listen, I sincerely want you to be successful and I know that having your own high-value mastermind can completely change so many aspects of your business and life…

But in addition to wanting you to be successful, I want your success story!

My team and I have started putting together a collection of our most successful member’s success stories and their wins… but I know there are dozens of entrepreneurs, just like you, who are motivated but don’t want to spend days, weeks, or even years trying to figure everything out…

And I rarely come across highly profitable and effective strategies that can take you from start to success in as little as 14 days from today…

So that is our motivation…but this window of opportunity to get instant access to the entire EPIC Network Mastermind Sprint at the introductory retail pricing is extremely limited. 

So if you’re ready to save yourself from the confusion, frustration, and headaches trying to figure it all out…

If you want to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes that can cause your mastermind to fail…

And, if you are ready to take every success factor that we’ve identified and follow a proven and clear blueprint to building your own successful high-value mastermind, then this is for you…

Because you won’t pay anywhere near the $30,000 price tag, even though it would be worth every penny…

You’re not going to even pay $10,000, although that would be a completely fair asking price for a proven blueprint that generates us over $5M each year…

But that price wouldn’t put this within the reach of the serious entrepreneurs and business owners that need it today…

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to release the entire EPIC Network Mastermind Sprint for a limited time only, at the introductory retail price of Only $2,997.

And Right Now, I'm Taking An Additional $1,000 OFF During This Limited Time Special Offer...

Get Started Today For Just $1,997

The price is never negotiable, but payment options are available.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to eliminate the confusion, skip the trial and error, and avoid the guesswork…

This blueprint will allow you to finally build a high-value mastermind that can exponentially increase your deal flow, create upfront and ongoing revenue, and put you in a position of authority while creating a high-quality network in the process…

I can’t wait to see you on the inside!


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