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Jay Abraham

CEO, The Abraham Group

“I was outrageously impressed and humbled by Roland…

I watched Roland in 1 hour blow me away with things I had done years ago at a very tertiary level.

And he went through a litany of depth and dimension and imperial examples that literally blew my mind and very few things blow my mind.”

Todd Herman


Thank you so much Roland!

I took your advice and approach on acquiring profitable businesses, and I was able to close on acquiring a software company with no cash injection!

Plus, I closed the deal in less than 24 hours! 

Matt Rosen

Founder & CEO, Product EVO

“Thanks to all the advice, wisdom, feedback, and information that’s come from this.

My business partner and I have used what we learned and successfully purchased our first business for no money out of pocket!”

Hi, I’m Roland Frasier. I’m a “recovering attorney” and co-founder/principal of 5 different Inc. Magazine fastest-growing companies in the e-commerce, e-learning, real estate, and SaaS spaces.

I’ve founded, scaled or sold over two dozen different businesses with sales ranging from $3 million to just under $4 billion.

I share that with you to say, I know for a fact, there is no faster path to wealth than to acquire it. Whether it’s business acquisitions, equity acquisitions, or asset accumulation, this assessment will be instrumental is setting you on the most efficient path to wealth creation. 

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Wioletta Hislop


“Being around like-minded individuals like yourselves is not just crucial, but empowering. It’s inspiring to be in a space where champions collaborate and share knowledge.”

Brian J. Best

Founder, BestMacs

“This program has been a game changer of expanding my context of what’s possible.”

Jonathon Allan Harris

President, Ventin Web Solutions

“Thanks for your contribution to my life and business. You’ve opened a new paradigm in my mind and possibilities are limitless.”