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You are a goal-oriented entrepreneur, and so am I! Although there are many ways to gauge success in business there is only one universal metric, the bottom line. As they say in business, you’re either growing or you’re dying. If you’re looking to build a highly profitable business, while maintaining your time freedom, that can generate your target goal of increasing revenue over the coming months.

Building your business, scaling revenue and increasing your wealth are important but the most valuable asset of all is time, and you get it. We get it too! If you want to build a profitable business that respects your time and is capable of generating your target goal of increasing revenue over the coming months.

You are a lifestyle entrepreneur and your success goes beyond the bottom line. Revenue is important but building a business around your passion will only increase your chances of success. If you’re looking to build a highly profitable business that you are incredibly passionate about, while still maintaining your time freedom, that is capable of generating your target goal of increasing revenue over the coming months.

Your quickest path to success will be acquiring already profitable businesses AND doing it with no money out of pocket! It’s the quickest way to instantly build your revenue, acquire customers in bulk, and exponentially build your wealth.

I’ve been leveraging mergers & acquisitions for the last 30 years of my career and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, it is the most effective way to create long-term wealth, bar none.

Here’s why:

  • By acquiring an already profitable business you’ll know exactly how much revenue you’ll be generating on day 1, before you ever take ownership. This gives you the distinct advantage of determining if any given acquisition is in alignment with your goals.
  • If you have an existing business you can acquire traffic channels, assets, groups, teams, competitors and more that give you instant revenue, instant customers and instant growth… and yes, all with zero cash out of pocket – and without using personal credit or taking on major risks!
  • Instead of starting a business and facing a 90% failure rate, acquisitions of already established (operating for 5-10 years) & profitable businesses have over a 90% success rate.
  • You can acquire businesses in any niche, industry, or market you are passionate about or acquire businesses that help you grow your existing passion project.
  • You won’t be working “in” the business or even working “on” the business (unless you want to). You should position yourself to work above the business so you keep complete time freedom.
  • There is a process, but acquisitions can be done in far less time than you might think and can provide you with any level of profitability you’re seeking.

And that’s just the start…

Next Steps: With the information you provided in your assessment, I recommend you start here…

Your quickest path to success is going to be Consulting For Equity. Consulting for Equity is the quickest way to immediately secure recurring income and gain equity in great businesses that are more than willing and eager to pay you large upfront fees + equity for your advice, knowledge, expertise, connections, or service, even if you’ve never done consulting before.

Here’s why this is your ideal path:

  • Consulting for Equity allows you to keep your time freedom or escape the “Time For Money” trap that so many business owners are stuck in because your income is not tied to the time you spend with clients or businesses.
  • You can choose what businesses you want to consult with and help. You can work with high-profit corporate structures or profitable small business operations that align with your values, passions, and goals… or both!
  • You do not need any prior consulting experience, network connections, proven track record or special skills at all (I know it sounds odd but trust me on this…).
  • You can charge anywhere between $250 to $6,250+ per hour with zero fee resistance.
  • There are more businesses starving for this service than you could ever help… There is no shortage of potential clients and partnerships.

Next Steps: With your interests, goals, and current resources, I recommend you start here…

Zero Down Book

This is the perfect starting point. Get my 5 proven steps to acquire highly profitable businesses and unlimited leads for zero money out of pocket. The EPIC Investing strategy doesn’t rely on your network, personal credit, or net worth and does not require you to take any major personal risks. It’s a great way to start to immerse yourself into the world of $0 out-of-pocket acquisitions.

EPIC Investing

Learn the Simple 5-Step Blueprint to Ethically Grow an Empire by Acquiring Wealth. Discover how to acquire highly-profitable business, traffic channels and assets without zero dollars out-of-pocket and without using your personal credit or taking on major personal risks.

Join our FREE EPIC Challenge where we walk you through the entire process and help you find profitable businesses you can acquire. 

The EPIC Challenge. Experience a 5 Day Training that will walk you through the exact process of acquiring high profitable businesses, traffic channels, assets or equity in great companies with no money out of pocket and without using your personal credit or taking big risks. 

You’ll walk away with 5 highly targeted and profitable business you can acquire in 5 days or less!

Consulting For Equity

Discover how to permanently escape the “time for money” trap and instantly get paid 2x to 5x higher fees and have high quality clients and great businesses offering you equity in their companies in exchange for your advice, knowledge and resources, even if you’ve never done consulting before or have no network.

12 Month Master Coaching Program

Our 12 Month Master Coaching Program is designed to shorten your learning curve and help you get results as quickly as possible with daily accountability, a dedicated coach, group coaching calls and direct weekly and personalized mentorship. The program includes every tool, resource, shortcut, and advantage we have to offer. If you want the quickest path to success with us by your side every step of the way, this is for you. 

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