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Case Studies

DeAnna Rogers

How DeAnna leveraged EPIC strategies to acquire 25% equity in a partnership with an event company. 

James Bradley

James shares how he leveraged EPIC strategies to build wealth within his existing career / background.

Sharon Brown

Experienced Angel Investor, Sharon Brown, shares her most valuable lessons & wins.

Frank Cao

Frank Cao shares how he went from a total skeptic to working with an investor within 2 weeks of getting started!

Danielle Canton

Danielle shares how she went from working in a CMO position to closing deals with a new mindset.

Samuel Wiseman

Samuel was able to close a deal on a  7-Figure HulaHoop Acquisition within 90 days with no money out of pocket

Prescott Paulin

Listen to Prescott share how he turned a potential $30,000 loss into a major WIN!

Josh Wilkerson

Josh shares how he was able to find and connect with a contact that lead to him acquiring 40% of gross profits.

Christopher Wick

One of our earliest EPIC students shares his experience closing his first deal within 90 days to current…

Joseph Aaron

Joseph shares how he generated $500K on the 1st of 4 events in a 25% net revenue share deal. 

David Walters

David shares how gaining equity in multiple deals after turning around failed deals into successes.

Erik Russell

Erik shares his excitement and champagne plans after closing a deal within his first 4 weeks!

Josmar Tejeda

How Josmar secured a deal from a random 80’s themed birthday party from an unlikely source.

Erwin DeGrave

Erwin uses what he learned from Roland and closes a long term equity deal with a minimal time investment. 

Brad Himel

Brad shares how he went from bankruptcy to negotiating over 30 deals in the last 12 months!

Pete Vargas

How Pete went from dabbling with deals to 7-figures then to 8-figures and long term opportunities.

Eric Gesinski

Eric shares exactly what helped him confidently complete his first business acquisition.

Chris Daigle

Chris shares some of his successes and the insights gained from working with EPIC.

Member Testimonials

Joe Gilkey

“I learned a lot of this through years of being friends with Roland, consuming Roland’s content, going to events for Roland…”

Fred Dozsa

“My biggest takeaway is that this is doable. Think more creative and think more possibilities.”

Gordon Lizama

“I’m really looking forward to going on… and it’s really freeing to know that we can do this!” 

DeShawn Johnson

“I wish I would have come across this at least a year ago…nothing has caught my attention like this.”

Brandon Winston

“There isn’t anything out there that is better and I hope the industry will use this as the standard for results.”

Bill Wahl

“The only regret I have is not doing that I didn’t do this earlier…”

Ali Manouchehri

“This program, to me, is really life-changing. This is one of the best, if not the best, experience I’ve ever had.”

Steve Austin

“This really gave me multiple new ways [to grow a tech company] that’s actually impactful and pretty quick”.

Leo Ganeshan

“No money down is not new to me in property terms…but what Roland teaches is Amazing.”

Rudolph Grant

“This information is completely invaluable. I have 3 calls next week lined up! Thank You!”

Cate Abbott

“The community is fabulous and the team is amazing. Your sense of the word VALUE will be transformed.”

Gia Cliento

“There’s always someone that’s willing to share and that’s what has made this incredible for me.”

Azim Sahu-Khan

“With the right guidance, help and information it’s actually not as difficult as most people think.” 

Marty Fahncke

Marty shares insights and words of inspiration regarding EPIC and his experience while on a hike.

Gibson Helman

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this powerful community!”

John Fulwider

“The EPIC Deal Book is so inspiring and so energizing. This really shows the tools in practical use!”

Jody Atkins

“I really appreciate you guys under-promising and overdelivering every single time!”

Mike Morales

“It’s not an easy task to acquire a company IF you don’t know what you’re doing and Roland KNOWS!”

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