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Acquisition Criteria Creator GPT

Chat with the Acquisition Criteria Creator GPT to help you decide what type of business to acquire. Click below to get started.


The acquisition wheel method is a strategic framework for business acquisition. It involves evaluating potential targets based on strategic alignment, financial health, operational efficiency, market position, risk analysis, and potential synergies. By systematically considering these criteria, businesses can identify suitable acquisition prospects that align with their goals and have the potential for successful integration and growth.

Letter of Intent Template

This letter of intent (LOI) template is a document outlining the preliminary understanding between two or more parties in a potential business transaction or agreement. It signifies a serious commitment to move forward with negotiations and serves as a roadmap for the formal agreement.

NDA Template

This template is an example of a legal contract used to safeguard sensitive information during discussions between potential buyers and sellers. It ensures that confidential details shared during negotiations, such as financial data, proprietary technologies, or trade secrets, remain protected from disclosure or unauthorized use by either party involved in the M&A process. This agreement helps maintain confidentiality and trust between the involved entities, enabling them to freely exchange information while preventing its misuse or exposure to third parties.

EPIC Network Investor Deal Book

Investor Deal Book will show you some of the EPIC community’s greatest successes – from acquisitions to mergers across a variety of industries and deal sizes.

Investor Deal Book is NOT just a brag book of the incredible success our community has experienced – we truly hope it serves as an inspiration to those entrepreneurs who aspire to build or acquire great businesses and profit in the process.

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