Zero Down.

After 35 years of buying, scaling, and selling businesses, 5X owner of Inc. fastest growing companies, Roland Frasier, releases his "Zero Down" Book...

5 Proven Steps To Quickly Acquire Businesses + Unlimited Leads For Zero Money Out Of Pocket!

Grow your wealth, faster.

EPIC Network brings together education, tools, and a community of more than 10,000 members—all in one place. Learn about entrepreneurial investing, analyze deals, connect with other EPIC Investors, and more.

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EPIC Investing Is...


We treat investing like a business.


We partner with operators, because we’re the owners…not the race horses.


We want to make a “dent” in our little corner of the universe.


We aren’t chasing unicorns…we’re building a life
we can enjoy.

Created for entrepreneurs, executives, and investors…

That want more time, money, and freedom by being part of an exclusive inner circle of M&A deals and dealmakers.

Through world-class trainings, live events, and a community of entrepreneurs just like you, EPIC Network is your step-by-step roadmap to the wealth and freedom you deserve!

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What Type Of Business Should You Acquire?

Take our FREE “EPIC Investing” quiz to get a custom report based on the 4 quadrants of M&A, and know the type of business you should buy for no money out of pocket – in as little as 5 minutes.

The EPIC Challenge

The EPIC Challenge is a results-oriented training event that walks you through the entire process of acquiring 5 highly profitable businesses, traffic channels, or assets with No Money Out Of Pocket! 

During this event, Roland reveals some of the most effective strategies that have been refined and perfected over a 30-year career to maximize profits, virtually eliminate risk and build your wealth, regardless of your experience or where you are in your business today.

Join over 10,000 members and take the next challenge and discover the EXACT strategy Roland has used to found, acquire, scale, and sell over two dozen businesses with sales ranging from $3M to just under $4B.

Consulting For Equity​

The Consulting For Equity Masterclass is the ultimate 10-Year Wealth Shortcut for Consultants, High Ticket Coaches, Agency Owners, Authors, Service Providers, and successful entrepreneurs who want to put an end to the “Time For Money” Trap.

Roland’s Consulting For Equity Method reveals the most effective way to immediately get paid 2X-5X higher fees with better clients and zero fee resistance (even if you’ve never done consulting before), add predictable income and recurring revenue to your business and exponentially increase your net worth in the next 30-60 days.

EPIC Board

The EPIC Board is an elite level of membership reserved for individuals who want to gain access to every advantage and partnership opportunity we offer. EPIC Board members enjoy three (3) in-person private events per year, weekly live mentorship, private quarterly mastermind sessions, access to private member only resources, high-value connections, special perks and much more. 

Membership is limited and based on availability. 

7 Figures in 7 Days

The 7 Figures In 7 Days Event is a limited-time, no fluff, content-packed workshop revealing some of the most effective models and resources we are using to produce incredible results with AI. 

See how we created and launched a 7-figure business in 7 days

Learn how we created a separate $250k revenue stream

Discover how to create AI generated books, podcasts, courses, audiobooks and more!

Exit Ready

Exit Ready is an 8-Week Personalized Coaching & Certification Program designed to help you take the quickest path to successfully exiting your business.

Gain the ability to clearly identify the right time to exit any business and be confident you can sell for the maximum price.

CFE + M&A 12-Month LIVE Master Coaching

The 12 Month Master Coaching Program is designed to help you fast track your path to success and give you everything you need and more.

As a Master Coaching member, you’ll have access to every advantage, approach, strategy, resource, connection and tool we personally use for our own acquisitions at your disposal. In addition to daily accountability, daily group coaching, private 1:1 coaching sessions with a Master Coach and the ability to do deals with Roland + his network, unwavering support and an entire community behind you… your success is our only goal.

This is a limited-time offer and available spots are filled on a first come-first serve basis.

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